“In my personal experience, yoga is the greatest healer.” – Lianne Hickman

Coastguard Studios

Hatha yoga at Coastguard Studios

Hatha Yoga sessions with Lianne are suitable for all levels of experience and almost all bodies; whether you are totally new to yoga, returning to the practice or have a wealth of experience, these classes will benefit you.

All classes last 90 minutes and include asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation and relaxation.  Forming a well rounded practice, leaving students feeling physically worked yet balanced and rejuvenated.  Lianne’s classes are hatha based but her experiences of kundalini, vinyasa and life are naturally woven in, forming her unique style.

One to One

Private lessons with Lianne

Private sessions with Lianne will include asanas (physical posture work), pranayama techniques (breath work), mudras (hand gestures) and bandhas (energy locks) and meditation.  Providing a well rounded practice session focussed solely on you, for a deeper experience that is naturally tailored to suit your body and your practice.

With regular sessions we can create a trusting relationship that will allow us to work deeper within one aspect of yoga, such as pranayama, mantra or meditation.  As your relationship and understanding of your own body and breath within your practice develops, we will be able to focus more on mastering particular asanas.


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