Hatha Yoga sessions with Lianne are suitable for all levels of experience and almost all bodies; whether you are totally new to yoga, returning to the practice or have a wealth of experience, these classes will benefit you.  If are concerned about your suitability at all, maybe you have health concerns or a restriction that may affect your practice, then please feel free to send her a message, she will gladly help you to figure it out.  It is likely that you will be just fine, but it may be that you just need a couple of private sessions to get you going (information about one to one sessions here).

All classes last 90 minutes and include asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation and relaxation.  Forming a well rounded practice, leaving students feeling physically worked yet balanced and rejuvenated.  Lianne’s classes are hatha based but her experiences of kundalini, vinyasa and life are naturally woven in, forming her unique style.  

Lianne creates a safe and nurturing environment in which you can fully trust in her guidance, yet she encourages you to work intuitively, developing your own deep understanding of your breath and body.  Classes with Lianne are deeply grounding – rooting you down to create a strong and sturdy physical foundation, to safely heighten your conscious awareness, expand your experience of life and develop a deepened your sense of connection.

Lianne (Deep Roots Yoga) leads hatha yoga sessions at the Coastguard Studio in Southsea, every Monday at 7pm.  The Coastguard Studio is a unique art space situated on Clarendon Road in Southsea.  It is primarily used as a creative space by the owner, and for holding unique events for the Southsea community, and showcasing local artists work.  James, the owner, has welcomed us in to his space and provided us with a great venue for practising yoga.  He evens turns up the underfloor heating for us throughout the cold months!  There is room enough for 12-15 students to comfortably practice together, and Lianne provides mats, so no need to bring your own unless you prefer to.  


91 Clarendon Road

To book a class with Lianne at Coastguard Studio please drop Lianne a message here:

Book A Class?

Pay in cash at class, if you prefer to arrange regular bank payments, talk to me.

Prices are £10 for a single drop in class, and for block booking of 5 classes it is £40 (to be used consecutively).

NB:  Block bookings to be used within 6 consecutive weeks.  I understand that life gets in the way, but please also realise that these block bookings offer a large discount and are an incentive for you to show up for yourself and get on your mat each week.  I give one weeks grace, to honour the ebbs and flows of life and women’s cyclical nature.